• CSL Continuing Education Classes
    The NECTF has received approval from the Board of Building Regulations and Standards to offer CSL Continuing Education classes.
  • The classes offered to fulfill this requirement are: CS-6104 Accessibility & Barrier Free Construction: 521 CMR  This is an (8) hour course from the ITC that has been approved for (6) credit hours as follows:
    • Code Review (4) hours
    • Business Practices (1)hour
    • Elective (1) hour
  • CS-6106 Hot Works Safety  This is a (4) hour course approved for Workplace Safety (4) credit hours. *If you have previously taken this course you will have a certificate available in Dorchester for your pick up.
  • CS-6107 Transition to 9th Edition and Energy Code  This is a (6) hour course approved for renewal as follows:
    • Code Review (3) hours.
    • Energy Review (3) hours.
  • For further information regarding your CSL renewal please visit:
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  • Wentworth Institute of Technology
    The New England Regional Council of Carpenters has launched a program with Wentworth Institute of Technology that will give college credit for completing a four-year apprenticeship in Massachusetts, providing union carpenters with a pathway to management positions within the construction industry.
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