16-HR Welded Frame & Mobile Tower Erector (GS0006A)

2012 IECC Residential Provisions (2012 IECC Residential Provisions)

ABC Building Code (CA04)

Acoustical Ceilings (IS0006)
    Classes Available

Advanced Ceiling Installation (IS0007)

Aerial Lift Operator Qualification (GS0003)
    Classes Available

Basic Computers (GS02)

Best Practices in Healthcare Construction in Occupied Facilities (GS0017)

Best Practices in Healthcare Construction in Occupied Facilities Refresher (GS0017-B)

Cabinet Making (CA05)

Carpet INSTALL Certification (FL001)

Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) (GS10)

Confined Space (GS08)

Construction Master Pro (GS06)

Construction Master Pro /Advanced (GS06Adv)

Disaster Response (GS09)

Doors and Hardware (IS0008)

Drywall Certification Test (GS16)

Drywall Certification Test Prep ((IS0001A))

Drywall Production (DRY PRO)

English as a Second Language (ESL) (GS11)

Estimating (ES001)

Exterior Composite Panels (ECP01)

Fall Protection (GS0001)
    Classes Available

Fall Protection-ESL (GS0001A)

Finish Carpentry (CA01)

First Aid, CPR, AED (GS07)
    Classes Available

Forklift Operation ((GS0010))

Green Building – Awareness (GS0018)

Hazard Communication and Chemical Safety (GS0020M)

Hazwoper (GS04)

Hazwoper Refresher (GS04R)

Hilti Power Actuated Tool Training (Hilti-PATT)

Hoisting Continuing Ed (GS0010/ce)

Hot Works Permit Certificate (NFPA 51B)
    Classes Available

Insulating Concrete Forms (CT0013)

Interior Systems Layout (IS0003)

Introduction to Concrete Floor Polishing (FL003)

Introduction to Concrete Formwork (CT0001)

Introduction to Metal Framing (IS0001)

Labor History I (GS03(A))

Labor History II (GS03(B))

Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) (GS05)

LEED Exam Prep (GS12)

LEED Prep & Awareness (GS12)

Mass. Construction Supervisors License Prep (CA03)

Math for the Trades I (GS0012(A))

Math for the Trades II (GS0012(B))

OSHA 10-Hour for Construction (90007(A))
    Classes Available

OSHA 10-Hour for Construction -Local #210 Monroe (618 Main Street) ((90007(A)))

OSHA 10-Hour for Construction -Local #24 New London (597 Broad Street) ((90007(A)))

OSHA 10-Hour for Construction -Local #43 Hartford (885 Wethersfield Ave.) ((90007(A)))

OSHA 30 Hour for Construction (90007B)
    Classes Available

Powered Industrial Truck Operator – Rough Terrain (GS0010)
    Classes Available

Print Reading (GS0004)

Print Reading II (GS0004A)

Project Survey & Layout (GS19)

Resilient INSTALL Certification (FL002)

Rigging Qualification (GS0011)

Rigging Qualification Refresher ((GS0011B))

Roof (Rafter) Framing (CA0010)
    Classes Available

Scaffold User (GS0007C)
    Classes Available

Scaffolding Erector Qualification (GS0007A)

Scaffolding Qualification Refresher (GS0007(B))
    Classes Available

Signal Person Qualification for Cranes and Derricks (SP00001)

Solid-Surface Installer Certification (GS 0002)

Stair Layout and Framing (CA02)
    Classes Available

Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) (CA0004)

Total Station (CA0001)

Welding and Cutting (GS0006)
    Classes Available

Welding Upgrade and Test Prep (GS0006A)