Apprentice Resources

These are forms and other documents required of apprentices.

Title Type Description
Tool List Update Information Tool List Update
Mill Shop Tool List Mill Shop Tool List
Pile Driver Tool List Pile Driver Tool List
Carpenters Tool List Carpenters Tool List
Floor Cover Tool List Floorcover Tool list
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1st Year
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2nd Year
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3rd & 4th Year
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Apprentice Work Reports Apprentice Record of Daily Work Assignments Each apprentice shall give an accounting of his/her daily work assignments, employers and hours worked under the proper headings. This report MUST be submitted each month whether working or not.
Benefits Contact List Benefit Funds This form contains contact information for the New England Carpenters Benefits Funds, Connecticut Benefits Funds and the Rhode Island Benefits Funds.
Benefits Updated Address Form Form to update contact information with Benefit Funds This form is for Apprentices to complete and return to the New England Carpenters Benefits Funds office to verify and update their addresses. It is important to complete and return whenever your address or contact information changes or you start work with a new employer. This form must be submitted directly to the Benefits Fund.
Math for the Trades Study Guide (GS0012G) Math for the Trades Study Guide This is a 30-question study guide that apprentices can use to prepare for the math exam. The questions in this study guide are modified from the Exam View Math for The Trades question bank. The questions cover general math, fractions, decimals, measurement, layout, area, and volume measurement. The actual exams will be made up of 50 questions.
NASCTF Hotel Acknowledgement Waiver Hotel Acknowledgement Waiver The Board of Trustees of the NASCTF (“Board”) adopts this Hotel Acknowledgement Waiver to protect the interests and safety of all apprentices and its training program. The Board expects that apprentices staying at hotels paid for by the NASCTF will conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner at all times and will not engage in any conduct that is prejudicial to the best interests of the NASCTF.
NASCTF Apprentice Mileage & Food Reimbursement for Reopening Post Covid19 Shutdown Apprentice & Mileage Food Reimbursement Form This Policy pertains to all North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund Apprentices