Who We Are

The Director

Lyle Hamm,  as director Lyle oversees the Apprenticeship Training Program for over 1,000 apprentices, as well as Skill Enhancement Program for all journeymen carpenters in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island.  Lyle has 30 years membership in the Carpenters Union and started as an apprentice carpenter become a journeyman carpenter, progressed to foreman & job steward and became a full time instructor before becoming the Director in 2011.

Board of Trustees


  • Mark Erlich, Chairman – Executive Secretary -Treasurer, NERCC
  • Al Peciaro – Contractor Relations Director NERCC
  • Frank Santa Fe – Business Representative Local #33
  • John Murphy – Business Representative Local #33
  • Dan Kuhs – Regional/Business Manager  Local #56
  • Joe Broderick – Business Manager  Local #535
  • Paul Lander – Business Representative Local #94
  • Martin Alvarenga – Business Representative Local #43
  • Bruce Lydem – Business Manager of CT


  • Bill Maheris,  Co-Chairman – Building Trades Employers’ Assoc – Archer Corp
  • Don Seymour – Construction Industry of MA – JF White Contracting CoJack
  • Joseph McPherson – Building Trades Employers’ AssocCentral Ceilings Inc
  • Joel Trojan – Association of General Contractors – Century Drywall Inc
  • Chris Pennie – Association of General ContractorsLee Kennedy Co Inc
  • Jim Beach – Foundation & Marine Contractors Assoc – JF White Co
  • John Butts – Executive Director- Associated General Contractors Of Connecticut
  • Christopher Filomeno-President-Acoustics Inc.


Marc Attarian
Brian Austin
Brian Connearney
Richard Doty
Paul Gangemi
Karl Ganter
David Hart
Edward Harubin
Charles Johnson
Tom Klucik
David Leonhardi
Cheryl Lieateau
Tim Moriarty
Brian Redshaw
Juan Rivera
Thomas O’Toole