Apprentice Training Announcement

The NASCTF is providing an opportunity for apprentices to make up their hours of missed training that is a result our recent COVID-19 shutdown.

We will be in contact with students that have missed recent related instruction to discuss their individual training options. Apprentices that have questions should contact: for New England Apprentices. for New York Apprentices.

The following distance learning options are available to make up your missed week of Apprenticeship training.
40 hours will be required to receive a full week of credit per DOL:

• 40-hour OSHA 30 training
• 40-hour elective week of training
o Labor History (8 Hours)
o COVID-19 (4 hours)
o Silica Awareness (4 hours)
o Math for the Trades (4 hours)
o Construction Master Pro (4 hours)
o Blueprint (14 hours)
o Firestop (2 hours)

Any combination of the following Skill Enhancement classes will be accepted if the total is at least 40 hours:

• ICRA Awareness CSL CE (8 hours)
• Fire Stop (4 hours)
• Foreman Training (24 hours)
• Silica Awareness CSL CE (4 hours)
• Print Reading (24 hours)

Credit will be given to apprentices for a full week of training. You must notify the Apprenticeship that you have enrolled in these Skill Enhancement classes: for New England Apprentices. for New York apprentices.
Please provide your full name, UBC number and specific Skill Enhancement classes that you have successfully completed.