NEW- Career Path Training Program

New in 2019,  the NECTF will be making available certain skill enhancement classes that, when combined,  will offer members a unique career path type training. Members will be able to take any class, at any time, however it is strongly suggested that the classes be taken in the order they are scheduled to insure preparedness for the foreman training at the end. This path is designed to assist members wishing to further their career and meet the expectations of contractors when the opportunity arises. The classes are based on 24 hours of training for each class. They will be run at our Boston and Millbury facilities (and at some point, other facilities.) Our interior system training has been chosen to begin this program.  Other areas of our trade are being developed. Boston classes will be held on 8 nights and run in 3 hour increments.  Millbury classes will be held on three (3) consecutive Saturdays,  8 hours each day.   Our website will be updated with the latest class information as soon as it becomes available. These classes will have a (CP) at the end of their name to differentiate them and our normal skill enhancement classes.

The list of classes is available below:
Intro to Metal Stud (CP) – March
Drywall Productivity (CP) – April
Soffit Training (CP) – May
Print Reading/Layout (CP) – TBD
Interior Finish (CP) – TBD
Doors and Hardware (CP) – TBD
Interior Systems Foreman Training (CP)- TBD

The NECTF is committed to provide the best training possible for our members and contractors.